Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm back with cozy slippers!

And back to our regularly scheduled programming...

So I made it through my first giveaway and multiblog event. It was fun to reach out and find interested sponsors; to collaborate with the bloggers; and I'm thrilled to have more readers (hopefully you'll visit now and then!).

I do feel slightly knocked off my groove now though so I'm going to have to make an effort to spend a little more time here again.

My class ended yesterday and I feel like I've been given the gift of some extra time. I cleaned and we can see parts of the living room we haven't seen in a while. And by now I've got a long list of gifts I want to make. I'm sure I won't get to them all but I'll have some fun.

I've shared that I've been playing with upcyling wool sweaters. I still love the idea of wool longies but I have yet to make a pair for my girls that really feel finished. But I did make a pair of slippers that I'm super happy with! I've tried them on just to make sure they work (and I will have to make a pair for myself) but they will be a gift.

Kinda funky! But fun. Easy and quick to make (important these days when my brain is still adjusting to being split in so many directions!). Comfy and warm.

I wasn't sure what to do with a really thick wool sweater I got. I was scared to felt it because I sure what would happen. That's kind of just me. Kind of a creativity buzz-kill to be like that though. So after making longies out of the sleeves, I felted the body. And it came out thick! Really thick! It sat on the back of a chair for a week before I realized it would be perfect for slipper soles! Then my husband threw the matching longies in with the rest of the wash so they felt too, but not quite as much. So they made perfect top and sides. Some matching yarn and edging from another sweater and voila! Slippers!

Just in case you want to see them again...

I haven't put them away yet because I like looking at my successful projects (a nice thing about being a SAHM, I get to look at my girls all the time! Ha ha.). Tonight I'm taking it lazy, I mean easy, for the first time in a while. But tomorrow, on to the next gift!

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