Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little accomplishments!

I may have discovered both another use for my blog and a way to finish more craft projects! I always have a mental list of projects I'd like to be working on and there's usually a few little piles of things I've begun, usually knitting or sewing. And I also usually have a BUNCH of tabs open in my browser (my husband uses a different browser so he doesn't have to navigate my tabs!) with ideas, inspiration or tutorials. I've tried creating organized bookmark folders but I rarely go back to those so tabs it is until I find a better way.

Then earlier this week I decided to post a few links on my blog (near the upper-right corner) to a few of those pages. And doing that I finished the hobby horse I've been working on in 5-10 minute segments for weeks and I made sweet (and oh so simple) matching dresses for my girls. I love feeling like I've accomplished something!

I'll have to add more links soon!

(Picture of hobby horse to come - it still needs a harness!)

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