Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let the games begin!

Popular sport in my house these days is competitive mommy-crying. Two little girls crying to see who can drive mommy up the wall first!

I hate to complain because I know this time when they are little slips away from us before we know it, but it can be so nerve-racking at times! Little one doesn't want to be put down so she's napping in the moby wrap on front and the bigger one is in the ergo on my back, trying to sleep but keeping herself awake with a hacking cough and molar-teething pain! The house, or rather our three rooms, look like a tornado passed through (kind of a perpetual state these days). Little projects (such as the birth announcement cards that will now be 2 months late) I've tried to work on are scattered here and there (and we thought we could keep the desk tidy this time!!). The laundry mound is growing into a mountain. Dinner has not been started. Basically it's about survival right now.
Well there are my complaints in a nutshell.

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