Friday, October 22, 2010


I sat down for a few minutes today and convinced my almost-two year old to look at the November 2010 issue of Parents Magazine with me. We talked about what all the kids were doing in the pictures and - her lastest interest - found 'recipes,' while I quickly skimmed the pages for anything interesting that I may or may not get back to later. And I found a comment that made me laugh (just what the doctor ordered!). In an article called 'Mommy Meltdowns' (also perfect timing for this end-of-a-very-long-week-Friday), a mom had commented that she comes home some days to find that her three lovely children have "redecorated tsunami-style."
Now that I am going to remember! My house isn't a mess. My daughter doesn't trash the place. She redecorates "tsunami-style!" Somehow, it made me take a deep breath and feel that I am not alone.