Thursday, November 11, 2010

Froggable or not

So, upcycling.
For example - there are so many things to be made from used sweaters! I found another blogger, Resweater, who shares her creativity in this arena (along with some neat tutorials). Hats, mittens, balls, sleep sacks, pants, new sweaters for kids. Fun! Plus, she raids (not literally) secondhand stores for sweaters (wool, cashmere, etc.) and sells them online, which is great since the closest secondhand store I could find near me is so posh I found a sweater for $140.
So anyway, I began my cutting and piecing and sewing. I've made a pair of longies for each of my girls. So far, I just did it by using the sleeves from sweaters. For one I just cut and sewed. The other sweater was 'froggable' (is that a great word or what?!), so I unraveled the tops of the sleeves and then knit them together at the top. They are great for wearing over cloth diapers, just as I hoped. They do still have a bit to be desired in the fashion department so they are mostly indoor wear. Although, we did get compliments at a playdate the other day when we just left the house in whatever we were wearing (necessary sometimes in order to get out the door at all). But I've been looking at a lot of other people's longies and I'll be trying again.

I will get pictures up at some point soon. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows some good patterns or suggestions or other online resources!


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  4. $140 for a secondhand sweater? That's crazy!
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  6. Hopped over to resweater, very interesting. All this reminds me of my Omas and Opas. They were, both sets of them, very frugal never throwing anything away and finding someway to use everything. We consume and buy way too much stuff and I am trying very hard not to purchase any new clothing for one year for myself. Started in Sept. and so far so good. Someone must start somewhere. Also instead of going to the movie theater with my grandsons we are now playing family games and we are truly enjoying each others company. Thanks for the inspiring post. I found you through thepioneerwoman. :) joyce


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