Thursday, November 18, 2010


I often get asked if I would recommend having kids as close as mine are (15 months). I usually say something like they should ask me in a year when my girls are best buds. Asking me right now is kind of like asking me if labor's worth it when I'm in the crux of intense contractions. Well, not *that* bad; but I am sure that in a year, my struggles of today will be a hazy memory.

'Time' is something that I'm having trouble getting a handle on these days. I don't mean in the way of being late for things (although that's true too). I mean, it can be hard to seize the moment.

With a toddler, I want to take meandering toddler-speed walks. Of course sometimes we do; but other times, a crying, tired, teething baby sister means our shadow discovery walk had to be cut short. There are times when I need to stop everything and get down low to calmly get through to my almost two-year old why a certain behavior really needs to stop. But sometimes, my attention is split and I'm multi-tasking, desperately trying to get the three of us out the door so we can head home for nap, and I just can't/don't take that time. My little one also misses out on the amounts of one-on-one mommy time that the first one got. But then, the way her face lights up whenever her big sister wakes up from her nap to join us, just can't be beat.

There will be sunnier words. It's just been one of those days... or rather... one of those weeks.

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