Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween & Diwali

We decided (it sounds better saying 'we' than 'I') not to get into Halloween this year. While it seems a much stranger holiday from my now grown-up perspective, we'll let that conversation slide and just leave it at - my little ones don't understand the whole dressing-up-as-something-else concept (and won't keep anything on for more than 15 minutes) and I was feeling motivated enough to put costumes together for my own satisfaction and in order to snap photos for friends and relatives (don't worry, we've taken some nice Fall leaf fun photos instead!).
We were not however holed up at home with all the lights off on Halloween night as we drove up to Maine to visit some friends for the weekend and ended up celebrating another holiday that involves lights and decorations - Diwali! This is an Indian 'festival of lights' and while the day itself has varying significance for different groups of people, for everyone celebrating, it is a day to celebrate LIGHT! More specifically, the inner light or true essence within each person. It's a lovely meaning and the celebration is very joyful with the making of sweets and brightly colored decorations and filling the house with many colorful lights.

There is a connection to my children here. My toddler has been very into our salt shaker lately, as I try to let her help more when I'm cooking. This means that either our food becomes very salty, or we find ourselves sliding around on the salt scattered across the floor. So I've been asking around for some alternative suggestions. Glitter is the obvious one but I wasn't ready for that mess yet. (The best suggestion I've received so far is sequins but we just haven't tried it yet!) And then we arrive at our friends' house to find crepe paper lanterns being made; lanterns that needed some sparkles! My daughter joined forces with another two-year old and they got sparkles everywhere (literally)! Glue stick and gold glitter and they were in heaven. The joy (and focus) on their faces was priceless.

Big thanks and lots of love to friends that know just what children like and how they can enjoy preparing for the holidays too! And Happy Diwali to all!

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