Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Vygotsky!

In grad school, my professors made sure we knew all the important (relevant) theories and theorists like they were good friends. It worked. Even now I think of them. Lev Vygotsky's theory on Social Development states basically that children learn through interactions with others. While siblings learn from each other no matter their age difference, I think it's going to be pretty fun for my girls to be so close (15 months). Right now, at almost 2 years and at 7 months, they are probably the most different, developmentally, than they ever will be again. And it's fun to watch them begin to interact.

The big one opened a box of pegs and began stacking them one upon another. At first the little one was content to just grab a peg in each hand and suck on those (learning through actual hands-on experience - Piaget - but that'll be another day). But when she saw her sister stacking them, she decided she needed those. When mommy wouldn't allow it, she squealed loudly. Mommy stacked some for her and then the big one decided that those were more desirable (of course!) and when mommy again stepped in, the big one now squealed. So we've got the big sister learning that she needs to share her toys, and the little sister learning that if she squeals, mommy will jump in and make her happy (for now). Well, when they are a little older, I'll have to let them figure things out without me. For now, one is much too much stronger than the other.

On a side note, during this interaction, I had the random thought that "Oh Vygotsky!" was a nice alternative to a curse in times of frustration (as when moderating between two very stubborn little girls). Fun to say and fine for little voices to repeat!

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