Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(Not-so) Simple Pleasures

There are all sorts of Holiday 'must-have' lists this time of year. So here's a suggestion from me; something I have newly realized that all parents must have.

A jacuzzi tub.

Yup, a jacuzzi tub. It's not something you'll find on the 'Gifts for under $20' list. And I can't seriously put it on my wish list since the renovation costs are significant as well. But it can sit there on my dream list.

We are staying out of town this week for my husband's work. Our hotel suite has a jacuzzi tub- therefore my newfound interest. It could be because we only have a shower at home but aahh...

Anyway, the main reasons this is a *parent* must-have:
• there is so much room for the kids to play (i.e. fun)
• the high sides mean not so much worrying about splashing (i.e. more fun)
• after the kids go to sleep, it's mommy's turn (i.e. the best part!)

Ah, for the (not-so) simple pleasures in life!

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