Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Snail Mail!

So I think it's now officially okay to think about Christmas! Well, maybe not quite, but at least Halloween is over and I do love the Christmas season (yes, it can be a season!). I do though, have a dilemma. In Colorado we had no problem taking snowy family pictures for Christmas cards, but here in Massachusetts..... that might be hard to do!

For the past three years, we've sent out photo Christmas cards from Shutterfly. I've got them laid out in our scrapbook and it's fun to see the family grow. The first year we have a bunny. The second year we have our dog Ella and I'm pregnant with our first. The third year we have our almost one-year old daughter and I'm pregnant with our second. How quickly things change! (We sent photo cards for birth announcements too but those are on a different page of the scrapbook, and it'll be a while before we're sending out those again!)

So I still have some time to browse designs...

This one is sweet and isn't specific to Christmas which is nice for sending to all friends and family. Of course it would be cuter with a picture of our girls but getting them both to smile together is a trick!

There are lots of pretty and cute ones. I guess it's a good thing I like to start early! Hm.. and maybe now that we have two little ones captured in oh so many photos (mommy has a busy clicker-finger), we should make some calendars for some family members. Let's see!

I like to get the traditional holiday image cards as well but it's nice to have photos of loving friends and family hung up one by one as they arrive via snail mail (oh the joy in getting interesting snail mail during this time of year!). I'm sure the girls will want to look at them all again and again.

Love this season!

*Thanks to Shutterfly for providing 50 free cards.

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  1. Snail Mail at Christmas time is the BEST! I always look forward to how many cards we will get. This year we are thinking about our card already too. Since, we moved we want to be sure everyone has our new address. We had to use a summer family picture, we usually go with a pic in front of the tree.

    Can't wait to see what picture you end up with!

    Christmas is totally a season!


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